Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Cupcakes: Summer Thyme's Bakery and Deli

Well! I've been rather remiss in posting cupcake updates, haven't I? But this is not entirely my fault. I blame my unborn baby, who does not crave cupcakes the way he does cheese (preferably melted, on anything). So my consumption of cupcakes has gone rather down. However, I have rallied! With Valentine's Day upon us, what better way to celebrate than to indulge in pink buttercream dreams?


I'm not sure I've officially reviewed Summer Thyme's Bakery and Deli, based in Grass Valley, CA, before. Possibly because Summer Thyme's is less of a bakeshop and more of a deli. Also, I'd only been to one of their locations and the cupcakes hadn't been worth purchasing (that is, there was only one and it looked old). But recently I visited their historic downtown Grass Valley location, which is fantastic by dint of it being attached to a used bookstore. And I found these beauts:

Let me tell you: the buttercream frosting was as tasty as it looks here. I didn't actually eat the red one because that is red velvet, which I'm not a fan of, but the pink one went down my gullet faster than a fish before a seagull. If this is Summer Thyme's offering, then it's a damn good one, and they got high marks for the super pretty rose-like frosting swirl. The cake was quite decent as well: a solid entry in the vanilla cake field.

On the web: Summer Thyme's Bakery and Deli