About this Blog

Hi! My name is Sierra Godfrey and I started this blog because I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and like cupcakes, and I want to find the tastiest cupcakes on offer in the Bay Area. Or anywhere, really. I'm not that picky. Historically, I haven't been a massive cake fan, but that's because too much cake tends to make one gorge oneself into a state of sickness. Cupcakes are just the right size--if you don't wolf down four of them, that is. (I'm working on my restraint.)

Cupcakes aren't hard to make, but the beauty is in the frosting and that can be a bit difficult. So why go into hand-to-hand combat with a pastry bag when you buy a delicious cupcake, and the work's already done for you! Indeed.

How this blog started
I had already been on a casual search for really good cupcakes, and started in the Berkeley-Emeryville area. My first stop was the bakery that did my wedding cake. The cupcakes left me uninspired (and unsatisfied), though, and I thought there simply had to be better cupcakes than that. Thus began The Quest. One day, I came out of a little bakery in North Berkeley (Love at First Bite) with a tray of four cupcakes and I passed a group of ladies. It turned out they were the Maine Coon Cat Adoption ladies and they asked me where I got the cupcakes. I told them and said I was doing scientific research. They asked if I was writing a book (which I am, just not about cupcakes), and then suggested I should chronicle my efforts. And voila, this blog was born. Thank you, Maine Coon Cat Adoption ladies! I'll totally adopt one when my two existing cats expire!

Who I am
As stated, my name is Sierra, and I'm a Bay Area writer. You can read my personal writing blog here. I know that if I love cupcakes and want good ones, so must others. I want to build a community of cupcake lovers in the area. So join me on the blog-- leave a comment telling me about yourself and your love of cupcakes, and follow me on Twitter!